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What are the rates?

Pricing is based on the size of your group, the length of your cruise,
catering & beverage options and seasonal considerations.
Please call or email us to request a quote!

Reservations Office: (512) 328-9887

For Boat Showings & Office Visits ~ Please Call to Schedule an Appointment.

Available Year-Round

Before you call, please take a moment to read our

Reservation Policy & the Boat Rules & Guidlines down below.

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Securing your Reservation: 

Reservations are on a “First Deposit – First Reserved” basis. To guarantee your reservation we recommend using a credit card to avoid mailing delays. Your reservation is NOT secure until we RECEIVE your deposit.

We do NOT accept cash. We accept Credit Cards, Check and Money Order. There is a 4% fee to pay by Credit Card.We reserve the right to charge and collect late fees. If you are paying the deposit by check or money order, please mail it to this address:

Austin Party Cruises

ATTN: Jessica

2215 Westlake Drive, Suite 105

Austin, TX 78746


We are not able to reduce the rental rate on the day of your cruise. Please provide us your final headcount 48 hours before your cruise. For catering purposes, we will need your final headcount    4-days in advance.

                 Boat Rules & Guidelines                           

These guidelines are required to ensure that your event is safe and successful. These rules must be followed, and we recommend that you go over this list with your guests before the cruise to avoid any confusion. Your Operator has full authority at all times, and will terminate the cruise if these rules are not followed. We also maintain communication with the Police for additional assistance.

Wave Runners and Jet Skies (PWC) are NOT allowed.

Tents and Canopies of any sort are NOT allowed.

Portable Generators are NOT allowed.

Alcoholic Beverages must be prearranged. Margarita Machines NOT allowed. See “Bar Options”.

Do not use Birdseed, Rice, Confetti, Sand, etc. These are slippery & difficult to cleanup ($125 fee)

Do not use Double backed Tape. It is hard to remove. No staples or tacks.

No Candles of any sort. No open flame. No flammable liquids.

No Cooking allowed. Sterno is OK but must use wick-style - Not Gel.  No BBQ pits or gas burners.

Glassware and Bottles are discouraged. Broken glass is a safety hazard, and damages the floor.


Cleaning and Decorating Fees:

If you plan to decorate, we can discuss some options with you that may require purchasing additional time. Cleanup and exiting time is 15-20 minutes and you will then be charged $125.00 per additional half hour overtime. Please remove all decorations & tape, and place all trash, plates & cups in the trash. We provide the trash bags and trash cans. We will sweep & mop the floors, and clean the restrooms.

         Fees $125.00 (Minimum+$125/hour) for excessive cleaning required. Example; confetti,          splattered liquids or food, tape on walls, broken glass, wax, stains, etc.

                         $125.00 (per half hour) for exceeding the cleanup/exiting time.

                         $125.00 (minimum) for damage to the boat or fixtures or furniture.


Air-Conditioning and heating: The effectiveness of the air-conditioning system is dependent on the outside temperature, number of people, and opening/closing the doors. The A/C may be ineffective on extremely hot days with people moving in and out constantly or if the doors are left open. Heating is comfortable on colder days.

• We have clean comfortable Restrooms on board.

NO ANIMALS. NO ESA’s. ADA Service Dogs are allowed. ($150.00 fee for violation) 

Bands & DJ’s must be prearranged or they will not be allowed on the boat. You are fully      responsible for controlling the volume which must comply with City Code Title 9-2 stating; “Sound cannot be audible beyond 100 feet of the boat, and no amplified sound after 10pm.” Police citations for violating this law is $350.00 and will be added to your invoice.

HD Flat Screen TV available on the “Celebration” for an additional charge. Receives local broadcast stations. Wi-Fi ready. You will need to provide Wi-Fi service.  Stereo System has I-Pod hook-up and CD player.

Swimming is by the direction of your Operator. No swimming after dark. Swimming is at your own risk.

No Life Guard on duty. Popular swim spots may be too crowded- access is not guaranteed.

Lake Police will ticket for certain violations involving passengers (i.e.; unauthorized jumping or leaning over rails) All associated fees for ticketing and ticket fees will be added to your invoice.

Life Jackets are provided, however it is up to the Parent if they wish their Children to wear one. We recommend you bring your child’s life jacket if swimming is planned since they will be more familiar with their own life jacket. We do not provide Infant life jackets.

Wheelchair accessibility is NOT AVAILABLE. Please prearrange special needs with us.

Transportation and Parking: Parking is usually NOT AVAILABLE: You will need to plan ahead and take advantage of public transportation and ride-sharing services. We suggest you arrange a private bus service.